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Age 22


Why should I be Miss Manchester?

I am a girl who loves her city, is full of personality, talent, brains, beauty and humility. I think I’m multi talented and can do more than just one thing which is what I think Miss Manchester is about!

This pageant is not just about having a pretty face because girls are more than just a pretty face! We’re talented, we’re clever, we’re courageous and we make a difference!

I have done some research on Miss Manchester and I love it’s focus on charity! I am willing to work within the community on many charity engagements as I have done in the past.

In high school, I formed a group and with my leadership, planning and teamwork skills I lead my team into raising over £500 for the less fortunate. This was done though cake sales and a sponsored 5 mile walk. From baking the cakes ourselves, to making posters to advertise the cake sale, to utilising social media to gain sponsors, everything was done ourselves without the help from any adults.

Not only am I good at raising money for charity, I have talent – I can play the piano, I have brains – I’m at University studying Biomedical Science and I have beauty – everybody on this planet is beautiful! My love for Manchester started in college. Whilst all my friends around me were falling in love with boys, I was falling in love with my city! I used to explore Manchester and found so many hidden gems and beautiful views which I started sharing.

I received many positive comments from people about how I make Manchester look beautiful and have encouraged people to visit Manchester.

I use my Instagram page not only to show the beauty of Manchester but also to spread positivity and kindness. I have posted about the Arena attack and Arndale stabbings which got over 2,600 likes – Mancunians loved it as I gave them the courage to stay strong and positive. People’s likes and comments have showed me that my words and pictures make a difference and I have made a positive impact within the community.

With my blog/ photography page, I’m already representing Manchester on a small scale, but would love to take that to the next level and show the country (and maybe even the world) what Manchester is about!

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