Age 19

Studying for a BA Hons in Dance

Sponsored by:

Vanitas bar Manchester

Interesting fact

I can bend myself in half so my feet can come over my shoulders and rest by my ears. I am also an aerial artist using ropes and silks

Why should I be Miss Manchester?
I think I would be a perfect candidate for Miss Manchester as I feel I can inspire and capture others. Our new generations. I strongly believe I have the perfect attitude for this competition as I always challenge myself and want to strive to succeed. There are many positive’s that I can bring to you as Miss Manchester. One being I feel I have outstanding presentation and would represent Manchester with great pride. Another is the fact that I am harshly disciplined being a performer and being trained at university level, so this will be a huge advantage when training with yourself and your team. I’ve always seen myself as a team leader due to myself thinking out the box and being unique. With my bubbly personality and hungry determination, I feel I would make a great Miss Manchester