BioMin™ Toothpaste – Armour for Teeth.

BioMin™ is a dental additive that has been specifically developed for complete oral care and protection.

Our award-winning toothpastes (low-fluoride BioMin™ F or fluoride-free BioMin™ C) “smart technology” slowly release mineral ions which adhere to the tooth surface. This provides unique protection and resistance to attack from acidic food and drinks for up to 12 hours after brushing.

Small particles, big benefits. The majority of BioMin particles are small enough to penetrate damaged surfaces of the teeth to strengthen and protect enamel and provide relief from dental hypersensitivity.

Our new BioMin™ F for Kids toothpaste provides the same great dental protection for children.

BioMin products do not contain any animal-derived products and no animal testing has been undertaken.

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