BPI Auctions

BPI Auctions are a market leader of online asset disposal and have a proud history of success since 2010.

Our performance is measured in many ways but our first core value is a simple one; We believe every customer deserves to be treated like our number one client.

From the early years the business has grown through our team’s hard work and commitment to make BPI Auctions one of the leading online auctioneers and buyers of all types of stock and equipment.
 The BPI brand has grown through hard work and the understanding that we will always go the extra mile. Our team is driven throughout the organisation and have a complete understanding that we will succeed in delivering a world class service.
 The BPI team are passionate about the auction business, from finding the right solution for customers, to developing relationships with only the best vendors.
 The team work with all types of business, from small local companies to multinational corporations, so we truly understand your specific needs and requirements.
 Our unparalleled experience can quickly turn your unwanted stocks and assets into working capital. Contact BPI Auctions today to find out why we are the UK’s favourite online auctioneer.

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