Eleanor Farr


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Age 25


Why should I be Miss Cheshire?


Where do I begin?

I would LOVE to be Miss Cheshire for so many reasons.

The first and foremost reason has to be the platform it would give me to raise awareness and funds for a charity close to my heart, and who I am a ambassador for; NRAS for who I fund raise often. raising £1,700 last year

Secondly, I LOVED the Miss England experience so much. It pushed me and challenged me and when it was over… I wanted to do it all over again! I’m a Tom Boy and it brought tears to my eyes seeing me glammed up how I was. I was no longer the girl next door, I was a beauty queen, and the experience brought out a whole new side of me. I want to be able to push myself and challenge myself because I believe that I am capable of more than I have already achieved if I put my mind to it, work heard and pour my heart into it.

Thirdly, a few years ago  I couldn’t even walk. I was bed bound with pain day in, day out. A night out with my friends was a rare occurrence which ended in tears of pain, until eventually I couldn’t even get dressed, let alone leave the house. I missed out on SO much as a teenager/young adult and now that my disease is currently in remission, I have got so much catching up to do to reclaim my life.

If I won Miss Cheshire, I could potentially be the first ever beauty queen with a bionic hip and that is pretty cool!!!

Finally, I would love to win Miss Cheshire because I know I will do the team proud and try my absolute hardest to be the best Miss Cheshire that I can be. When I’m passionate about something, I put 100% into it and I hope that you have seen this reflected in my application.

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