Emilia Lea

Emilia Lea

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Age 19


Why should I be Miss Cheshire?


I would love to be Miss Cheshire because I was born and raised here and one thing to know about Manchester is that it is built off strength, courage, and collectiveness.
These are 3 things I strongly value. I’ve suffered a lot with my mental health since I was 13. I’ve fought with so much strength and courage, along side my family and friends to become the woman I am today. I am no longer ashamed of or embarrassed by my scars but in fact see them as a reminder of my strength and bravery.
I wish to help others who are suffering to gain the confidence in loving every single part of yourself and realising that all of it make us stronger and someone to be even more proud of.
I have also performed in 3 major theatres in Manchester being The Lowry, The Royal Exchange Theatre, and Contact Theatre. All 3 being known for their welcoming hand to everyone. These productions were such a great thing to be a part of and truly made me proud to be from here.
I’ve always been very passionate about making sure everyone’s voice is heard and respected. I hope to spread awareness for mental health and inspire others to find confidence in their insecurities.

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