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Why should I be Miss Manchester?

Becoming Miss Manchester 2020 would be an absolute dream come true. One of my greatest ambitions in life is to help people around the world in every way that I possibly can which is why I believe I am the perfect girl to be Miss Manchester.
By being Miss Manchester, not only will I be able to represent my beautiful city but it will also allow me to bring awareness and change to world wide issues that I feel strongly about. It will give me a platform where I can use my voice to change the lives of many and impact the world positively. I hope to win Miss Manchester and represent us at Miss World and show everyone what Manchester is all about.
Manchester has endured so many difficulties and we have always come out stronger. I was born and raised in Manchester and I have fallen in love with everything about it. It would be an absolute honour to represent such a strong and resilient community of people.
Being miss Manchester is a huge responsibility that I cannot wait to take on. Not only do I hope to win Miss Manchester, I also want to be a role model to people all around the world. I am a strong, independent woman that believes beauty comes from within. I want to empower woman and show them that anything is possible.
There is more to beauty than what meets the eye and I want to inspire females to be themselves and embrace what makes us different because nothing is more beautiful than being you.

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