Gabrielle Morris


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Age 19


Why should I be Miss Manchester?

When I was handed the ‘You’ve been scouted!’ card in the middle of the street, I was in a very strange, uncomfortable place in my life. I was unsure of which direction to take, almost afraid to even take a direction. I was living in fear, pretty much.

However, as soon as I was given the card, I realised that sometimes all you really need is that little bit of inspiration and I can honestly say I got it in perfect timing, so thank you!

I believe that’s also what I was put here to do, to inspire people like me. I think it is so important to believe in yourself, even when things get confusing and difficult.

It sounds so cliche, but believing in yourself is the most empowering thing you can do and this is the message I want to pass on. I won’t pretend that I know where I am heading, I am only nineteen. The truth is none of us know what can happen tomorrow, but there are moments where I have visions of exactly what I am capable of. I really think that this is what keeps me going sometimes.

I always say that I could be fifty+ years old, still not have had an amazing role, but I know for certain that I’d still be trying. I also refuse to turn down any opportunity that is given to me – after all, what other way is there to grow?

The reason I should be Miss Manchester is because I want to motivate people to chase their dreams and I think this would be a fantastic start to my career. My goal is to dream about it, real-life it and then tell it!

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