Genie Cleans

Welcome to Genie Clean, the domestic & commercial contract cleaning company.

We understand that cleaning has become a customer service and customer facing industry whereby cleaning staff are the life blood and the face of genie cleans.

We cater for anyone with a no judgment policy while keeping cost down we are flexible and try to get the day and time you want.

We work 9-5 and will take after hours calls and work if required dry time are quick will be basically dry after finish maybe half hour wait but not damp or wet at all . We make sure jobs are fulfilled to high standards. We are still working during COVID period as we aim to battle this virus and keep homes clean to minimise possibilities of catching this virus  (Company bio)  logo attached aswell my Instagram is genie_cleans same for Facebook appreciate the opportunity

Our Team

Cheryl Broadfoot – Host

Sarah Cohen – Scout

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