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Age 25


Why should I be Miss  Greater Manchester?

I believe I should be Miss Greater Manchester 2020 because of the passion and motivation that I have and carry around to help charities and help youths around the city and other countries to become better and improve their lifestyles in every way possible.
I have had the drive to not only work with kids and youths around the community I also enjoy working with adults and woman around Manchester by teaching dance classes such as street dance for youths and fitness dance for adults all around Great Manchester. At the end of my classes everyone feels good within themselves and there isn’t a greater feeling when
you can see changes in people, they start to build confidence in and out.
Becoming Miss Greater Manchester 2020 will only give me the power to show girls and woman like me that they are beautiful and being confident and believing in yourself is the best thing ever.
I want to empower other females to be stronger and to be able to control their life and also empower them to know how and when to claim their rights at all times , my job will also be to motivate all woman in every way possible by letting our woman know wearing a smile is the pretties make up a female can ever wear.
I aim to work with a great team and other strong leaders to help me reach my target in helping vulnerable woman and homeless people in becoming better.


I will l also aim to hold group activities for our woman to be able to build confidence in themselves and around other people, by empowering them to love themselves and train them into fun dancing and fitness stretches to help them feel good about their bodies and mind. I aim to put a smile on every woman I meet and work along with in Greater Manchester and around the world. Not only will I empower other woman to be better and
build confidence I will also work hard with charities and also really standing up against abusive relationships and why it is important for our woman to not tolerate violence.
I have a lot of targets to reach for our woman and the homeless, I will work hard to meet all my targets as Miss Greater Manchester.

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