Hair Shark


The Hairshark is the world’s first two-sided backcombing brush.
It can be used daily as it’s gentle on the hair due to the hi-gloss polymers and natural bristle.

The first side
creates superior long lasting volume in minutes, and consists of a natural boar bristle sitting inside a specially designed set of pin bristles. These bristles are set with precision to work with every single strand of

When a section of hair is gently brushed towards the root it creates a soft cushion of support. Working on around five sections of the hair is usually the sweet spot and creates that ‘salon look’ very quickly.

The second side creates beautiful gloss and shine, and features shark-like fins which simply smooths over the cushion-supported hair, leaving all that wonderful volume in place.
No mess, no nests – just beautiful, shiny, full hair created in just a few minutes.

Our favourite catchphrase is “Goodbye rollers, Hello Hairshark!”

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