Hollie williams


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Age 26


Why should I be Miss Lancashire ?

I believe that I should be Miss Lancashire as I am incredibly driven, polite and kind hearted and this can only support Lancashire with any aspirations they may have.

Lancashire is a very diverse county.

Everybody here deserves the best chance they can get and with the right support, can ‘we’ not make this the start of a chain reaction of positive differences, no matter what background, ethnicity or disability? I am a responsible, kind and caring young woman.

I am a strong believer of equality and diversity and I am able to empathise and sympathise.

I believe that everybody deserves an equal chance and I believe that being Miss Lancashire will give me the opportunity to learn, develop and to help inspire people to take chances.

I wish for everyone to be comfortable with themselves in all aspects of life. I wish to ensure that where support is needed it is easily available.

I want to inspire everyone to challenge the normal, overturn barriers and achieve there personal ambitions. My life ambition is to inspire, encourage and make affirmative differences to everyone around me even if that difference is small.

A step in the right direction is a step towards positive progression, evolution and a better future for all.

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