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Age 25


Why should I be Miss Lancashire?


With the title of Miss Lancashire I hope to be able to inspire teens to embrace their individualities, igniting passions in education and enabling young girls to gain an insight into the vast opportunities a career in STEM can provide.

A shy outlier growing up, taunted for my hair colour and possessing different interests to the other girls in school, I took time out after completing my A Levels to chase an opportunity which arose when I was a teen and began working independently as a fashion model throughout the UK, Europe and Middle East

More recently whilst simultaneously working towards my Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering, and believe I encompass the confidence, compassion and charisma to represent Lancashire in the Miss England finals.

I want to act as a mentor for younger girls with similar experiences to myself throughout my school years, and I believe holding the title will give me the platform to do so.

Our Team

Cheryl Broadfoot – Host

Sarah Cohen – Scout

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