Kea Bell


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Age 18


Why should I be Miss Cheshire?

I have always been someone who has looked up to and admired those around me who are able to make positive changes to themselves and the situations around them.

I have always found so much joy in being part of something bigger than myself and it’s something that has become really important to me.

Even though I am young, I have come to the point now where I’ve realised that if I only do what I know I can do, I will never be more than who I already am. That’s why I no longer like to hide away from opportunities when they arrive and why, when I was faced with the opportunity to take part in the Miss Manchester Competition, it was something I found very hard to say no to.

Now that I know nothing is too big to strive for, regardless of how unrealistic it may seem at the time, I want to keep on practising what I’ve been preaching.

I would be honoured to become Miss Cheshire as it would give me the opportunity to continue to inspire the younger generation that I am a part of and continue on this influential journey that I have already started.

Part of my lifetime goals is to become a motivational speaker and inspire those around me to also inspire others and I feel that being blessed with this opportunity has given me another chance to do just that.

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