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Age 20


Why should I be Miss Manchester?

As a strong minded woman I think I would set a great example and be a role model to someone who isn’t there yet to believe in themselves but guaranteed the potential is there.

Motivational drive will help everyone strive for what they believe.


A girl who’s from a different country I aspire to encourage people to strive for achieving anything they put their mind to, to not worry about what other people think. Being authentic and original will inspire others to do the same. I faced challenges since I’ve come to a different country, and I thank for this opportunity because I grown to the person I am today. Strong minded, enthusiastic and driven for anything I’m passionate about! 

We’ve unfortunately developed a social construction where regardless of our race or religion or nationality, we get opinionated. But we got to remember, we have something beautiful to embrace that we have been individually gifted for a reason. Through this we, strengthen our community and work together as one to make positive changes! 

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