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The way I do music has never been done before. I have a disability called cerebral palsy which affects me from walking or talking but that doesn’t stop me getting my thoughts out via music!  I write my thoughts down and I have multiple voices to choose from to rap/spit my thoughts on my behalf. My vocalists let my thoughts be heard through mainly grime!

I started music 3 year ago now as a hobby, little did I know it would turn into something much bigger for me. Since then, I have had the privilege of having local newspapers write about me, done a few sets and grew an increasingly expanding fan base across the country. I really love the work I do now and want to become a bigger figure in the scene. What I do almost widens the prison I am living in (the disability) as I can’t verbally or physically let out my emotions.

I know some people might be confused about the way I do music as it hasn’t been done before, but I plan to make them understand as my name and music grows. I don’t want the disability to be the center of all this as I don’t think myself as disabled, I am just me. I use music to tell my story and if it inspires others, that is a bonus.

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