Age 24

Degree in Spanish and International relations – Fitness trainer at Virgin active


Sponsored by: Pass Me Fast

Interesting fact

I am bilingual, and I also am hoping to have my first single released within the next 18 months

Why should I be Miss Manchester?

I would love to be Miss Manchester to show the community you can always be yourself and be who you want to be and those who are meant to be in your life will stay. I want to be a role- model that shows it is possible to have a balance between enjoying yourself, working hard and consistently and still maintaining a fit, healthy lifestyle. I am all about helping others’ and doing my good deeds for those who need support so want to encourage more people to care and act, instead of standing by. After going through some difficulties in my personal life in 2017-2018, I lost motivation, was quite insecure and was overthinking certain situations, but it was short-lived because I kept busy and started on a new journey when I started my new job and I have come out the other side, so would love to show other people it is possible to get back on track.