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Age 19


Why should I be Miss Lancashire ?

I believe I should be Miss Lancashire as I am a young individual who enjoys taking my time to help everyone around me.

I am kind hearted and very respectful as I have come from a background where respect is number one, so I treat everyone the same!

Where I come from the equality is very diverse and therefore i stand strong on equality and equal rights.

I have many strong beliefs and believe that everyone and everything should be at peace.

I want to inspire and be the best role model I can to young women with different backgrounds where it can be very difficult to express themselves and be who they really are!

Most young women now a days are full of fear and terrified of being judged because of the way other people may see them.

I want to inspire them to become confident and see that caring about another persons opinion is the greatest pain of unhappiness.

Being happy within yourself is the best way to live your life.

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