Natalie Trueman


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Age 21


Why should I be Miss Manchester?

I would be honoured to be Miss Manchester because you stand with a charity that aids for children. Both charities are beautiful and both so important, but for me I feel I have the power to help children find their light.

I personally had a childhood i would not wish upon another human being and did not receive the love and nurture one child should. I believe the early stages of life are vital and I had dance and performance to help me escape and be the person I am today.

I want to show them that no matter how hard it can get, there is always a happy ending but it is what you do that counts. It is your life, and you need to live it with the best intentions!

I am in an industry that is hard physically and mentally but when you want something so much you learn to adapted and you can become phenomenal!

I want to be Miss Manchester because I do believe, that I, with the right platform of help, I can inspire someone to be the best version of themselves, even if it is just one person.

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