Nina Morton

Nina Morton’s passion for music was ignited when she was given a green plastic microphone for her fourth birthday. She has been singing ever since and has been writing original material for the past eight years. As a Musical Theatre student in upper sixth form, Nina is currently training in singing, dancing and acting and will be studying for a BA Hons degree in Singing/Song Writing in September.


Having spent the past 18 months recording original music with industry-renowned producers, she is currently building up her portfolio and getting as much experience as she can by performing at showcases, events and open mic nights. Her lyrics and style are strongly influenced by songwriters such as Carrie Underwood, Adele and most of all, Sia.


Nina is now dedicated to pursuing a professional career in the music industry – writing, performing and recording her own material  – and doing what she has loved most since she was given that green microphone.


For bookings:


My youtube channel is – Nina Morton Singing


My instagram account is – @ninamorton_music