Paige Horrocks


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Age 24


Why should I be Miss Lancashire ?

I believe I should be miss Lancashire as I believe I am a great role model in all different aspects.

I have gone through a lot in my life, especially over the past year, but I always come out the other side stronger and I believe a lot of people can look up to me and I can help a lot of people.

I love doing charity events as it gives me a sense of achievement and warmth. When I was working abroad, I had the opportunity to raise money for our companies charity, and helped organise a day and night long event in which we raised over €1000.

I like to put 110% into every task that I am set, and also I love a challenge. I always put everyone’s needs before mine and if I could help inspire one person, then that is enough to make me feel complete.

Our Team

Cheryl Broadfoot – Host

Sarah Cohen – Scout

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