Samantha Martina Dewhurst

Samantha Martina Dewhurst – Self love advocate who emphasises the point of gratitude and self-worth

Winner of ITV 2 Survival of the fittest

My aim in life has always been to inspire and motivate women and the people around me, hence the previous role of a teacher and moving forward into my speciality of personal training

I’ve built my own platform and brand through the knowledge of health and fitness and my ambitions are to create a healthier platform for around the world who want to change their bodies.

Anything is possible with the right mindset and I’m here to help anyone who needs it along the way.

My journey all started at Miss Manchester 2017 when I won Miss Sportswoman. I am so happy to be judging this year’s contest. I know exactly how the girls will be feeling when they are backstage waiting to go on the catwalk for the first time

Good luck to all the finalists!