Scarlett Dean


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Age 18


Why should I be Miss Cheshire? 


I would love to represent and be Miss Cheshire,  because I think it is one of the most loving counties in the UK. Being originally from Wales and moving here when I was 3, I have always loved Manchester and it has always been my home. I would love to be Miss Cheshire to prove all of the people who have doubted me in life wrong.

As I experienced the horrible event of the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017 it scarred me for life and I would love to be able to donate again to their trust one day.

I raised £3000 on a sponsored walk for the charity. I study acting at a college in the centre of Manchester and everyday I must walk past 10 homeless people there and back , it is the most heartbreaking thing to see someone out on their own and I would absolutely adore to donate and do charity work for these people in need.

I believe I can be confident and proud of Cheshire and the beautiful county that it is. I hope i get the opportunity to show you x

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