Tara Bharadia


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Age 22


Why should I be Miss Manchester?

Moving to university was scary at first. Manchester has only been my home for 4 years but I already can’t imagine being anywhere else!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I wouldn’t normally have the confidence to put myself out there in this way. But now I know that I have everything I need to represent Manchester and after years of self doubt, I say why not me?

Manchester has made me grow and change as a person. Studying an NHS degree has really opened my eyes to the ways I can help the wider community. I enjoy dedicating time to fundraising and volunteering with some amazing local charities. I have been able to say yes to so many opportunities since being here – I’ve been able to interview my favourite band, been an extra in a film and climbed Kilimanjaro – all because I’ve been in Manchester!

There is always something going on in Manchester – whether it’s a museum exhibit, new play or my personal favourite – the Halloween parade! I would to be able to show everyone why Manchester is great and that the people here are great too!’

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