Trudy-Ann Baroo


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Age 23


Why should I be Miss Greater  Manchester?


I believe I should be Miss Lancashire because I want to uplift and empower women to reach their full potential and to never give up.

I often lacked confidence in the past and this opportunity gives me the platform to prove to myself and other women, who may also have experienced the same things, that they can do anything if they put their mind to it.

I want to be a role model to women throughout Manchester that builds confidence and uplifts women.

Growing up from an ethnic background I was often muted in my household. Family members often said we as women are seen and not heard.

However, this platform will give me the opportunity to bring forth change and to make my voice heard.

Being a finalist for Miss Greater Manchester 2020, will mean so much to me and will create and convey a great message that women are powerful and deserve to be centre stage.

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